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Are You Thinking About Selling Your Lubbock Home For Sale By Owner?

Are you considering selling your home for sale by owner?

We get it. You are trying to net more money right! That’s what all sellers want. Did you know that statistics show that FSBO homes sell for approximately 26% less than agent listed homes?!

FSBO homes also sit on the market longer. In our personal experience we have seen a couple of different things happen with FSBO sellers. They get tired of the hassle pretty quickly. Accommodating the showings, doing weekend open houses, answering all the unknown phone calls etc, that they accept an offer pretty quickly. These offers are usually way less desirable than if an agent was involved. The other thing we see is that they give up and hire an agent. This is better than continuing alone but your time on market can have a negative impact on you.

One other thing that comes to mind is the hassle. REALTORS sell homes everyday. It’s our profession. We know the contracts, deadlines, financing options, red flags, ways to avoid pitfalls, ways to net more money, we know games people play, we know about repairs and inspections, appraisals, title issues, safety, how to line up closings, and how to make the process of selling your house the best it can be!

If you need to sell your home, don’t go at it alone! Hire a full time, experienced professional. If you are in Lubbock TX hire The Lindsey Bartley Team! We’d love to get your home sold fast, net you the most amount of money possible, and make it easy on you! Give us a call today at 806-416-5174 or you can check your home value at

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