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Real Estate Market Update for October 2022 in Lubbock

Are you curious to know what is going on in the Lubbock real estate market? The market is still really good. Inventory has been climbing and sales have been down but we have to remember that we are coming out of our best year in real estate EVER with horribly short inventory! Talk about a tough market! I feel we are in a more balanced, healthy market at this time but we are absolutely keeping a close eye one it.

As for interest rates, the elephant in the room, yes they are higher than they have been. Significantly so…. they did go down this week, which has been such a welcomed relief. Hopefully, they will stay where they are for a while. The big story about rates to know is that the advertised rate is not the rate everybody will get. It never has been. We know of a lot of great options that are available to get better rates! You need to call us so we can put you in touch with the lender that has the program that will best suit your needs. We have buyers and sellers who are still doing well in this market and are very happy with the end result! That is the goal! Find a professional who knows the best options available for you! This is not the time to hire a part time agent. If you are thinking about buying a home, selling a home, investing in real estate, or you are interested in a career in real estate give The Lindsey Bartley Team a call! We are here for you.

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